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How to save? Where to put your money?

You can use any given number of possebitiltes to save and invest:

Put your money under your mattress, or into a tin box
a savings accout with you local bank
lend it to your government or a corporations (bonds)
save it in taxsheltered vehicels, where you won't have to pay taxes on earnings (Pension plans / 3a)
invest it into the economy (stocks)
and one possibilety some think as downright revolting: pre pay taxes (municipalites and cantons pay an interest of currently 1.5% for payments that arrive bevore a certain date)

By the way: you can only save when you are free of dept.

So Building wealth starts with getting rid of any debt.

About the only dept that might be considered keeping is the mortgage on your house. This of course depends on the course the Government is going to take regarding the taxation of dept and interest paid on the same, as well as on future income streams or the development of interest rates.