Below is a small, really a very small, collection of the over 250 spreadsheets Mr. Ponzo has developed and published on his site gummy stuff.

Have a look around the site there, and you will find not only spreadsheets about financial matters, but also many other interesting topics, so the site is well worth visiting.

However, sometimes the site is down, and we have also heard, that Mr. Ponzo is running into some storage and server problems with his site, so we have copied* a few of his spreadsheets for you to download them at your convenience, and then fiddle around with them at your leisure.

Please note that the spreadsheets below are copies only, therefore no guaranty can be made whether they are the last update available. So to make sure just check out gummy's site for the very last in advanced financial mathematic spreadsheet-ology :-)

By the way; should you have any questions regarding any of these applications, or a suggestion for gummy, he can be reached through NoFeeBoards.com --> Gummy Stuff, where he even has his own discussion group.

Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum (with real data for simulations): (dcastuff.zip) [31 KB]
Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum (with random returns): (dcalump.zip) [13 KB]
Value Averaging vs DCA: (valueaveraging.zip) [38 KB]
Asset Allocations, see how different allocations affect returns and volatility: (allocations.zip) [27 KB]
Rebalancing, how often? (rebalancingwhen.zip) [80 KB]
. . .
--- many more on the site -->

note: * according Gummy's site all materials on the site may be copied without prior permission of the author.