web resources / internet sites


nofeeboards.com many information about index investing with the best forum around concerning index investing and early retirement
diehards forum also a place for ongoing discussion regarding index investing

sites of authors / columnists

The Efficient Frontier, homepage of W. Bernstein, author of Four Pillars and Intelligent Asset Allocator as well as regular articles.
Scott Burns, a columnist for the Dallas Morning News (Dallas --> Texas --> USA) with a critical view on what is going on in the financial industry, also famous for his couch potato portfolio.
The Coffeehouse Investor, originally based on the book with the same title, written by Bill Schultheis. A site well worth visiting.

special sites

Gummy Stuff, Peter Ponzo (aka gummy), a retired math's professor sounding out the depths of financial mathematics. For seriously investors with a certain knack for mathematics... or for people who like a good spreadsheet to fiddle around
Bylo Selhi, everything you need to know to be able to take responsibility for your own financial future. Updated regularly with links to the press.
raddr's studies and findings regarding portfolio management topics for retirees, food for thought
John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group, has been giving speeches all over the place that are well worth reading.
Warren Buffet, famous businessman and his now infamous letters, in which index based investing keeps on popping up ever so often. (Note: Mr. Buffet is NOT a manager of a fund, he does not just buy shares of any odd company, he actually buys whole companies, and then gets deeply involved in the running of the same.)

general (index-) investment sites

Morningstar mainly dishes out stars for almost anyone and everything within sight, but they actually have a very good section on their site with educational materials, like the risky business series, or some in the personal finance section, like the one about asset allocation
Journal of Indexes, with quite a collections of interesting articles, revolving around index investing
Index Universe, also with a few interesting articles, and there should be a book along some when in 2003.
ETF Connect, with some well written articles, but beware, this site is sponsored by an investment advisor
ETF Zone, the title says it all...

provider of instruments (Funds and ETF's)

iShares, a Barclays Global Investors Company, home of a large number of ETF's, also with some very useful reading. There is also an international site, limiting product information to those available to each market.
Vanguard, a legend and certainly a dream for Swiss investors, but since they have entered the ETF market with their Viper's, available on Amex, all over sudden there is at least one way to place some money with tem.
indexchange.de, provider of a large number of ETF's, also a section with some very well written articles about their products
XMtch, subsidiary of the Credit Suisse Group, with ETF's on the major European Stock indices, but also with the first Swiss Government Bond ETF's.
Fresco, subsidiary of UBS, also with the whole range of stock ETF's
Pictet, hidden deep within the whole range of actively managed funds there are some real gems of index funds, with the lowest management fees we have found in the European market.
State Street Global Advisors, who run the quite well known Balzac index funds, which seem to be distributed by Wegelin...