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The recent downturn in the financial health of many second pillar - pensions schemes (Pensionskassen) and the ongoing development in the age structure of the population have shown a sharp spotlight onto the problem of all our financial health after retirement.

And as many people realise that they might be a little short changed even on the first pillar, i.e. social security (AHV) and pensions schemes combined, they start looking into other possibilities to create their own little nest egg.

The state supports these efforts by making contributions to such special funds deductible from the income.

But as always: Cost matters:

Given the fact that for quite a few of the holders of this type of instrument the holding period will be long indeed, even a small difference in interest received will make a big difference, is it should be worthwhile to look carefully into the different offerings.
And should you consider investing some of the funds, expense ratios must play a major role in your decision finding.

Leaving only the question of the banks to use...

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