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Below some brokers we can recommend. None of them is a perfect choice for index tracking, but just about the best thing there is at the moment.

By the way: should you decide to go down the indexing route, do not expect to be treated as a good customer by any broker, no matter how much money you've got. (Passive investing makes for too few transactions)

Company  Indexfunds / ETF's  Costs  Savings  Checking 
SwissquoteBank, provides all the necessary services for an indextracker, not perfect, but just about the only Swiss broker for indextrackers.   Yes, quite a few index funds and all the ETF's on SWX, Xetra, Eurex and Amex  Account maintenance fee of min. 40.- / commission starting with as little as 5.- and funds with a max. 2% of transaction.   No real savings account, use money market funds instead.   No 
DAB, so far the best solution if you want to track indexes. But DAB being a German Company with no ties to Switzerland will stop many from using them.   Yes, all the index funds one can wish for, also all the major ETF's  No maintenance fee / commissions and funds differ, but in general in line with competitors  No  No 
Yellowtrade, the brokerage arm of the Post has so far (31. December 2003) worked rather hard to discourage passive investing.   No funds, only very few of the SWX traded ETF's. On other exchanges traded ETF's are not listed.   No maintenance fee / but commissions are on the upper end.   No  No 
PostFinance, still better know as the “Postcheques”, the most widely used checking account by far.   No Index funds, no ETF's, but the checking and savings accounts are useful.   Maintenance fee can be reduced to 24.- by using e-banking.  Called Deposito, if open through the Internet it is called E-Deposito yielding even more. There is a limit to the number of withdrawals per year. Certainly a valid alternative to the classic savings account with a local bank.   Yes and even with the newly imposed maintenance fee the best way to receive a salary, withdraw money on teller machines, pay bills and your supermarket shopping.  
Kantonalbanken, Raiffeisen, Migrosbank   Most don't offer any index funds, and access to ETF's is generally difficult, and certainly very expensive, but check for checking and savings accounts.   Most maintenance fees can be reduced by using e-banking   Yes, rates vary a good deal. Raiffeisen offers additional interest when using e-banking  Yes, almost as good as Postfinance, and the EC/Maestro Card has more teller machines. There is sometimes a fee for using ATM's that don't belong to your bank.  
Big - multinational banks  Yes, index funds are available, but you will have to ask for them. Access to ETF's is easily done, but mind bogglingly expensive.  Everything cost, and most things cost a lot  Yes  Yes