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You will find information about the workings and advantages of index investing, asset allocation and re-balancing.

The need to approach investing as a long term commitment, and the impact of cost to building wealth.

(Things your financial planer either doesn’t know about, or more likely, simply doesn’t want to tell you, as the conclusion would most likely put him out of work.)

Hopefully we can encourage you to take responsibility for your own financial future, instead of just hoping that someone is going to take care of you.

Also some possible ways to actually implement an investment strategy based upon the above in Switzerland.

You will not find any information about speculative hypes, market timing, stock picking or any other short term schemes for getting rich.

As the site is being built there is a steady stream of new pages shown below, or let us remain you when it is "all" done:

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third pillar The recent downturn in the financial health of many a pensions scheme has thrown a sharp spotlight...

bonds Depending on the amounts paid in to the system, you will receive a certain amount of social security (AHV), behaving very much like a bond holding...

zero sum game Why should a well educated and hardworking fund manager not be able to beat the market? After all he and his team invest hundreds of hours to search, calculate and analyze companies ...

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