public libraries

Public libraries are wonderful places, as they not only collect knowledge (and sometimes mayhap even wisdom) but they above all make it available to the public. (hence the name?)

So why not use this service to educate yourself, read the books that are on our reading list, and save the cost of actually purchasing them.

Most libraries in Switzerland are free for the residence of the city / town or area they belong to. And what's more, most libraries are quite open to suggestion regarding the purchase of new books. Although some of the smaller, more local ones might be a little reluctant when it comes to English books. Libraries in Switzerland

Another good choice regarding books, even English ones, are the libraries of the universities.
Most of them are freely accessible for residence of Switzerland.
These institutions sometimes even have an online suggestion form, should a book not yet be in their collection.
It does help if the book you whish them to buy has at least remotely something to do with the faculties and departments they have.

(Asking for a finance related book at a purely medical university might lead to a friendly but firm decline of your request. On the other hand finance related books are especially important for medical doctors or clergy man / woman, as they are vulnerable to be taken for lunch by a financial advisor, for which they end up paying themselves)